Thomas Vaccaro, Circus Stellar


Circus Stellar will be at Market Hall on November 5th, 6th 7:30pm both days and a 1pm matinee on the 6th and we have had some fundraisers and we also had some little shindigs here and there but now it is just time for the red carpet event itself. Get your tickets and come to the show. We would love to see you, dress up spacey, and circusy. Be part of the celebration…

Rob Viscardis, Before We Arrive


For this one, I thought, we will keep it really simple and…find a really dark room, and I will just use one light and one mic and just me behind the camera, and I will just lock off the camera and point it at their face and we will just talk and get deep.

Lara Kramer Danse


I think in terms of that physical body being constructed and laid out in what I am referring to as choreography and it involves many many layers. Most recently sound and music has become a very important element in the physiography of my choreography as almost the same value as the body. Even sometimes more.

Funky Buddha Collection

"Juliasetsdkpictfield3" by Gertbuschmann

My art form is yoga. The clothing is meditation in motion. It’s made from the softest fabrics I could find and the images are just…beautiful. You could be wearing these clothes and feel like you are not wearing anything at all — so you are connected to nature — connected to your surroundings…

That Chalk Girl


I don’t think that a lot of people understand that I am busking… Because I don’t make music. And if I tried, they might pay me to go away. So there is this disconnect between performing art and the performance art.



FRIDAY OCT. 30, 2015 8PM

B L A C K L I G H T: Dance with the Dark on Devil’s Night is a dance party that will provide a black-light environment where everyone can play with black-light reactive paint, costumes and clothing.



“…Theta is the brain waves that we work with. The process that we do with the music is actually using binaural sounds so, the music is recorded in such a way, that it moves from channel to channel, left hear to right ear, and it induces this theta brain wave activity….”



An integrated arts celebration, SAMPLE draws together visual and musical spirits for a multi-media happening that invites the viewer to participate in local art.

Upcoming Fundraiser Show

Opal Jennifer Elchuk in Creatures of Flight.

He says “This is the grassroots community arts movement. There is no corporate sponsor here, there are no product placements, no commercials. This depends solely on accumulating micro donations from everybody.” Money goes directly towards living expenses, post-production and a small team.